ZIPTV has a separate policy for handling complaints under relevant copyright laws, which is incorporated as follows:

ZIPTV is an intermediary that only provides a platform for accessing user-generated data.
It is very difficult to track every single file on the platform for copyright infringement.
ZIPTV takes cases of copyright infringement very seriously and has instituted a new procedure to deal with such cases of reported copyright infringement.
ZIPTV promptly addresses reported cases of copyright infringement and will suspend or terminate the accounts of users found to have infringed the copyrights of others.
The following process is incorporated into the copyright infringement remedy policy and any action will only be taken upon strict compliance with the process outlined below:

The copyright owner who claims that his or her right has been infringed by any user-generated content accessible on ZIPTV must submit a notice detailing the location, URL, proof of similarity to the copyrighted content, and other details that the copyright owner deems appropriate. Such notice must be signed by the copyright holder or his authorized representative and sent by email in PDF format to [email protected].
Upon receipt of notice, such notice will be forwarded to you to give you an opportunity to defend the content that is found to be offensive.
ZIPTV, after reviewing the notice and response, may suspend or terminate your account
. ZIPTV, in case of repeated crimes, will disconnect the account of the user who has repeatedly posted offensive content.
Any complaints arising from this copyright infringement remedy procedure can be sent to our team at [email protected].